Benefits of company formation in Dubai

Benefits of company formation in Dubai

It is not difficult to start your business or company in the UAE, especially in Dubai. This is because Dubai is a place where you can get world class facilities that can help you in your company’s growth.  In Dubai, company formation is extremely easy.  There are two types of jurisdiction in Dubai, first is free-one and second is mainland where you can from your business. Both jurisdictions are different from each other. If you want your company formation in mainland then you need to have a local partner who will hold a at least 51% shares in the company.

Company formation agencies can help you to form your company in Dubai easily. Because these agencies know that what are the requirements of these jurisdictions and how to fulfill their requirements.

There are number of reasons that why you should set up a company in Dubai.

  • There is zero tax in Dubai when it comes to set up a business in Dubai whether it is corporate tax or personal tax. This tax policy always attract the investors and they love form their company in Dubai.
  • One more thing that there is no limit on recruitment process. You can issue visas to many people and can hire many people from abroad or UAE. This process helps you to hire skilled and experienced employee from your native country or from local community.
  • Import duty on several things is very low. It helps business to import different things from different countries.
  • There is not much restriction on minimum capital. You can start your business or company with minimum capital. This flexibility helps owner for company formation without huge investment.
  • One more important benefit of formation company in Dubai that there is require no annual audit. So they don’t need to worry about their financial statement.
  • Processing legal documentation is so easy because there is no limitation about processing these documents.
  • You can start your business or company anywhere in Dubai because there is no problem of availability of infrastructure.
  • You can hire skilled and professional labor in Dubai.
  • It is very easy to make relation with foreign companies and businesses.
  • In mainland business there is no restriction about currency.
  • Government is very supportive in Dubai for business.
  • Government always provide first class infrastructure to business holders.

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