Benefits of Green Tea

Tea, when we hear the word, almost all of us want to have it right now. Did you know that there are more than 100 kinds of tea from all over the world? Yes, that is true every country or you can say that every region has its own kind of tea. There will be a famous tea stall or a café that is famous for its tea and people wait in lines just to take a sip of it. And tea has been serving people in many forms. You must be knowing that there are people who cannot start their day without tea just like coffee lovers and for them tea is a good colleague and a companion that makes you get up from the bed or work over time or to meet the deadlines. Did you know that tea has the earliest history and origins in China? Yes, that is correct, it has a beautiful tale that an elderly Chinese man or a woman (not confirmed) was boiling water near a herb plant and a leaf fell in the boiling water. And he or she accidently drank it and he or she felt fresh and worked all day long without feeling tired. And that is how tea was tried with different herbs and tea started spreading like heck and we all know what comes from China and how fast it spreads. And that is how green started and there are more advantages of drinking tea:

  1. If you are looking to reduce weight then organic green tea in Dubai is highly recommended for you with wholesale nuts in Dubai. Yes, you read that right because even if you wanted to take a rain check, you can ask any dietician or a nutritionist that how is tea related to reducing weight and they will tell you that green tea actually burn calories. You must have seen people who drink green tea right after they eat their meal, this is because green also helps in fast digestion as well and the bad fats are burned with green tea.
  2. It must be hard for you to believe that green tea can improve the working of your brain. Since it makes you fresh and energizes your body, you will be able to work more while feeling no pressure.

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