How to take care of corian tops

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Corian countertops have been famous all around the world since its first invention after which it was transformed and merged with quartz. This is the reason now you may find Corian top supplier in Dubai with corian countertops made up of quartz that features silicon dioxide or simple hard surfaces that feature aluminium hydroxide this one is also found at most of the houses. So if you plan on using it then here are some cleaning and maintenance tips which you should know:

  • Use quartz cleaner

One of the major things which you must be careful of when taking care of Corian is that in a lot of ways it is similar to ceramic which means that it needs to be cleaned and maintained like a ceramic would. Try using quartz cleaner which is specifically for quartz corian because if you don’t you may lose the shine and other cleaners may not be safe to use because it can leave pungent smell and ruin the look of the tiles.

  • Avoid scrubbers

As mentioned above most of the cleaners can be very harsh for the tiles, the same way you need to avoid using harsh scrubbers such as steel wool or metallic brush because they are one of the most dreaded tools for the tiles. If you really need to get the caked stains off the surface then try using stone safe pads or soft bristled brush which does not ruin the shine of the tiles.

  • Keep them shiny

The only reason that we love corian tiles and countertops is the reason that they look so good and pleasing is because of its shine and look so even if you make sure that you don’t use harsh materials on it still you may lose the shine in a decade or earlier. Keep them shiny by using a fibber cloth after the proper cleaning and with a few shiners. This may help you in slowing down the dulling process. But if the tiles and counters are too far gone then you may want to consider resurfacing.

There are so many other things which you must consider but these are the basics which will help you get started with taking care of corian or even Versace mosaic tiles. You need to be dedicated with task.

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