Is there a positive side to weight gain?

Weight gain has become a torturous problem for almost every fat individual in the world. Fat and heavy weight causes a lot of physical and social problems in the life of people. A fat person isn’t liked much in the society regarding looks. Fat people are also made fun of on a daily basis in their gatherings, schools, offices or relatives. This criticism ends up giving depression and anxiety to the fat or heavy weighted person. Talking about physical problems, fat people usually can’t run fast and they happen to be getting exhausted rapidly. The fatter you get, the lazier you will feel and due to this, fat individuals get addicted to food and meals which make them fatter. 

Remember, everything in this world has positive and negative effects. It depends on us how we utilize and deal with it. If someone is fat then it doesn’t mean he or she can’t participate in various activities and spend his or her life like a normal person. You always have to find ways to make your life better. In fact, it is our psychological nature that whatever we believe in, we start becoming that. It means, if you believe that you are fat and you can do anything, then surely you will become fatter and will skip to work hard to make yourself better. But if you skip all the negativity and believe that you can actually run, exercise, travel, work and play like a healthy person then you can easily achieve your goals. 

In fact, people don’t realize that being fat is useful in a lot of aspects. And also, being extra slim is also harmful for health and getting thinner across the limit makes you straight anorexic which means in an anorexic condition, you can’t do any work either because you are extraordinary skinny and weak. In an anorexic state, your bones start coming out and become very pointy, there’s barely a thin layer of skin left on your body due to which when you sit, you body hurts very badly, so considering this case in mind, being fat isn’t actually bad. Also if you’re fat, you’re stronger than a lot of people and individuals will think twice before messing with you physically. 

If you’re fat is unusually increasing then you should avoid eating unhealthy food that increases your fat in a supersonic way and try to perform exercises like cardio, planks and crunches as much as you can.

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