Why Tapping Exercise Is Good For Anxiety

Living with anxiety can be stressful in life. If you leave it untreated, it can cause severe mental health issues. However, various solutions can help you get rid of anxiety. Tapping exercise for anxiety is one of them that is more effective than other treatments. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of this noninvasive technique.

Taping reduces cortisol levels:

The tapping exercise helps to lower levels of cortisol in the body. Researchers have found that it works to change the activity of the amygdala, the region of the brain that controls the fight or flight response. This, in turn, lowers cortisol levels and signals to the body and mind that you are safe. While there are several benefits of tapping, this exercise should only be used as a last resort if you’re taking medication for mental health.

Reduces symptoms of anxiety:

Research has shown that the tapping exercise can help with many different types of anxiety. People have found that tapping can help them deal with pain and other types of anxiety. Tapping can also help with general anxiety.

Releases intensity of feelings:

If you’re struggling with anxiety, try the Tapping exercise to reduce the feeling of stress and panic. It can help you accept your feelings and process them. When done correctly, this exercise can help you manage uncomfortable feelings by releasing the intensity of your anxiety. Tapping involves using your fingers to tap on certain meridian points on your body. Then, you focus on a thought that’s causing you to feel the anxiety in your body.


This study provides preliminary evidence that a non-invasive tapping exercise effectively treats anxiety disorders. Researchers have shown that tapping alters the processing of angry and fearful stimuli. The mechanisms by which these techniques work may vary. Further studies are necessary to determine whether they are effective for anxiety treatment.


In addition to being non-pharmacological, tapping exercise can help reduce anxiety, too. Research has shown that the practice can reduce anxiety and improve physical health. However, more studies are needed to determine whether taping exercises can effectively treat anxiety. Before considering this treatment for anxiety, you must know more about it.